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Decoding Christian Nationalism at the Capitol Riot
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SPIRITUAL WARRIORS: Decoding Christian Nationalism at the Capitol Riot is a 25-minute documentary that looks at key figures in the Independent Charismatic Christian Sector who were influential in promoting Donald Trump as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The film focuses on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a concept and set of Independent Charismatic leadership networks developed by C. Peter Wagner, a respected seminary professor who became quite radical at the end of his life. Included in the documentary is an interview with a religious studies scholar, Matthew D. Taylor, who has extensively studied the NAR movement. Throughout the movie are clips from Christian leaders, mentored by Wagner, who identify as prophets and apostles who espouse the core concepts of the NAR such as Dominion Theology, the 7 Mountain Mandate, and Strategic Spiritual Warfare. Scenes from the January 6th Capitol Riot show the activities of these leaders performing their spiritual battle as well as what played out physically surrounding the Capitol. This film was produced with the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies.

Interview with Matthew D. Taylor on WYPR

Christian Nationalism
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