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Michael Ivan Schwartz is not your ordinary filmmaker and photographer – he’s a storytelling maestro who has been honing his craft for over 20 years at the helm of Loud Communications. From his humble beginnings at the age of ten, capturing his mother’s priceless expression during her surprise 50th birthday party, Michael Ivan’s passion for capturing the essence of people in their natural element has only grown stronger.


With a documentary-style approach that is as inquisitive as it is artistic, his unique perspective shines through in every project he takes on. He thrives on learning from others and uncovering the hidden beauty in every individual, organization, and place. His behind-the-scenes method captures the true vibe and spirit of his subjects, leaving viewers captivated and inspired.


Michael Ivan’s unrivaled passion for understanding what makes people tick sets him apart. He goes beyond the surface to reveal the innermost truths of his subjects, capturing their stories in a way that is authentic, compelling, and deeply resonant. His keen eye for beauty, combined with his decades of experience, make him a true master of his craft as he unlocks the untold stories that lie within.


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Nina Rosa Schwartz 1930 - 1997

photo credit: Alexis James

FIRST PLACE - Overlea ArtsFest - 2022.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Born in Baltimore Film  Photography Festival - 2022 (1).png
WINNER - Malabar Music Festival - 2022 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - London Music Video Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montreal Intl Black Film Festival - 2021 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Made in Baltimore Short Film Festival - 2020.png
BEST OF FEST - Westminster City Film Festival - 2020 (1).png
FIRST PRIZE - Rhode Island Intl Film Festival - 2014.png
SECOND PLACE - All Sports Film Festival - 2014.png
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