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Screen Time

If you’re looking for photography or video production, email Michael Ivan to set up a time to talk.

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Each subject in this series was asked to write a short essay answering three questions: What did you watch during the Covid-19 pandemic? Why? How did this play a role in your pandemic experience? Michael Ivan then wrote a short essay for each subject describing the space where they watched their screens. Visiting inside people’s homes to capture how they passed many hours during the pandemic reveals more than just a portrait, but an interior look at the different ways we wrestle with our isolation.

If you’re interested in participating in this project, reach out to Michael Ivan directly. Click on the images to see their stories.
Screen Time Photos
Screen Time Artist’s Statement
Watching television is about as American as apple pie and baseball. Though we may love our shows...there is still plenty of guilt wrapped up in staring at the “idiot box.” Parents often limit their kids screen time as screens now come in all shapes and sizes. Some say we are living in a second golden age of TV with a vast quantity of high quality, high production value programs. At the heart of it all is story-telling. A good story told in whatever form can be a refuge, bring release, or provide rest from the world around us. During the global Covid-19 pandemic, viewing screens sharply increased. Some would say they were attempting to escape the virus and others have claimed watching as a way to process this global dilemma.
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