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Home Body

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In this series, Michael Ivan captures Scott posed inside the walls that will become his home. Layering multiple images in the same space represents both the long time the process of construction has taken as well as the complications needed to overcome its creation. Rendering the photos in a near colorless state emphasizes the unfinished atmosphere of the structure. Click each image to learn more about Scott’s perspective on life, work, and home.
Home Body photos
What does it mean to be “at home” with yourself? Michael Ivan Schwartz offers a parallel answer in his photographic series, "Home Body.” There is of course the feeling of being at home inside the four walls of your house. The furniture, flooring, drapery, and art on display helps one feel the comfort of their home. What about being at home with your physical body? Is it the clothing, hairstyle, make-up, and jewelry that provide a sense of who we are? If we stripped it all away, what are we left with? A naked body? A house down to its studs? Our home and our body can be places where we find the beauty in our core instead of the adornments we use to present our space and skin to the world in a safer way.

Scott, the subject of these photos, and his wife are re-building their home from the ground up. As anyone who has taken on such an endeavor knows it’s an arduous process. Building in the time of a pandemic has brought extra concerns including supply chain issues, rising costs, Baltimore City permits, moving a telephone pole, considering neighbors, etc. The journey has been intense. Scott watches the changes from a house rented directly across the street. And just as the construction site of the house has no stairs, doors, or walls; Scott poses without clothing.

While the construction goes on well beyond the planned 4-6 months, Scott continues his day-to-day life as a husband, dog-owner, AirBnB host, and business consultant to artists. Stripping down how to succeed in art, business, and life with a target of leaving a legacy through relationships is Scott’s domain. He has a great skill in asking questions that get to the heart of things. His enabling spirit to bring people together with resources they need, drives him to continue to learn, share, and celebrate with those around him.
Home Body statement
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