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All Ears Studio is the podcast production arm of Loud Communications.


All Ears co-creates narrative podcasts for organizations and individuals telling stories aiming to impact the world for good. From imagining concepts to delivering high-quality productions, All Ears listens to our clients and audiences to provide a smooth and engaging experience


All Ears Studio worked with the Burkholder Agency to produce a documentary series featuring interviews with artists sharing their business practices.

The Artist Maker explores the business side of art by interviewing professional artists to discover how they develop and operate their enterprises. Each guest shares the strategies they have learned through success, and sometimes failure, in making art their business.


Episode 1

Finding an agent with author Tracy C. Gold 


Episode 2

Investing in your net worth through your network with painter Jerrell Gibbs

Episode 3

Generating revenue (during a pandemic) with jazz musician Mark G. Meadows


Episode 4

Saving time through better systems with graphic designer Megan McCarty


Episode 5

Employing or contracting, a hard relationship decision with decorative painter Kelly Walker

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In 2019, on December 20th, Michael Ivan Schwartz turned 50! In honor of this momentous occasion, he plotted fifty activities he'd never done before, one for each week of the fifty weeks leading up to his 50th birthday.

The journey was documented through 30 podcast episodes, a short video series, and a 50-page book.

Episode 2

German wheel


Episode 11

Hiking with Gracie

Episode 19

Retiring from lacrosse coaching


Episode 22

Coffee table making

1970 michael, yale new dad (sideburns)_j

Episode 24

Longest walk with Dad

Hidden Tracks Concerts is a video podcast developed with the Friends of Patterson Park.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, live concerts were not an option in 2020. Instead these episodes were created to share stories and images of the park through themed musical performances and voice-over stories.

Episode 1

Caleb Stine:


Episode 2

Jonathan Gilmore & The Experience:


Episode 3

Cara Kelly & the Tell Tale:


Episode 4

Brooks Long:


Episode 5