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“I have loved my relationship with Downton Abbey during the Covid-19 pandemic! As many of us have, I have often felt so isolated and overwhelmed. Since I also work from home in addition to being home more than normal during quarantines, it is always nice to have a show to call my friend, that consistently delivers brainless fun and lifts my spirits. Since Downton is sort of an early twentieth century English soap opera, how nice it often feels to know that others have far worse problems than mine! Car wrecks, false imprisonments, love stories, heart breaks and lots of English humor always serve to give me a mental escape that many of us so often long for.” - Brooke


Brooke lives across the street from me in a very similar laid out floor plan as mine. Creating a warm, inviting space that doesn’t feel too cluttered is a challenge with these narrow Baltimore City row homes. But Brooke’s esthetic shines through from the wood vibes to the wall of art, the living room feels open and tall. The art is a collection of friends’ work and prints she finds pretty...she changes them up from time to time. Her small touches of personal photos, plants, and flowers enrich a manicured use of limited square footage. Though the front porch blocks some of the sun, in the afternoon great light pours through the windows. The large elevator coffee table in the center of the room is one that brings a sense of history along with a fun way to eat while watching the screen. And under it all is a perfect fitting authentic Moroccan wool run she found on Etsy. The wide array of pieces surround her in a comfortable embrace.

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