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SCREEN TIME: Dave, Andie, and Jake

“A show we watched often during the pandemic is Bob’s Burgers for the following reasons:

  1. It’s funny. We love to watch comedies together as a family. With all the heaviness of the last two years, sometimes it’s just good to laugh. And Bob’s has more laughs per minute than just about anything else out there. The characters all have their own unique voice and take on things. They give each other a hard time and push each other's buttons, but are ultimately a close, loving family. I think we relate to that.  

  2. The episodes are short. For some reason my attention span has really suffered lately. It feels like a lot to commit to a two hour movie or sometimes even a long dramatic tv show. But we’ve always got 22 minutes for Bob.  

  3. There is no narrative arc. It’s nice to have a show you can just drop in on even if you’ve missed episodes. With Jake and Andie both working retail our schedules don’t often align for all of us to be together. Bob’s is the kind of show one or two of us can watch and not leave anyone out.  

  4. There are so many episodes! We have watched 178 so far and we’re only on season 10. It feels like there is an endless supply.” - Dave


Dave and his adult children (Andie and Jake) watch their show in the living room of the house he bought in May 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. Andie was still at studying at the University of Maryland then and Jake was finishing high school while splitting time between their mom’s house and Dave’s. By September 2020, they were both living with Dave full-time and he loves having them at home. Going through his divorce, Dave had a few rental situations, so having a place they could call their own again has been nice. With two young adults and Dave (a young adult at heart), the decor has a college-life vibe to it. Framed posters line the white walls as they sit on mismatched hand-me-down furniture. But the space is full of laughter and inside jokes only a loving family can make, which defines their sense of home. Bob’s Burgers brings them together, however, after an episode, they talk, catch up, and hang out. Dave knows that soon his kids will be out on their own and is thankful for this season and cherishes these living room moments with them (and the Belchers).

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