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SCREEN TIME: Christina & Ruckus

“When I was in middle school I was assigned to read, The Giver. The story entails a narrative set in a dystopian future during which a young boy becomes the recipient of memory. The memories are an encapsulation of all the pain and strife taken from the residents. Since reading this book, I have always found myself fascinated by the similar tale, demoralizing in nature, that details human endurance through great tragedy or discord.


In 2016, I read a novel titled, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It’s another similarly constructed novel (spoiler alert) regarding immense heartbreak and human perseverance despite a pandemic which wipes out most of the population. HBO made this novel into a series and I watched it two years into the pandemic. Unusually so, this was the type of dystopian tale that actually detailed the trauma we are living in rather than finding an escape from it. It feels rather honest. There are so many relatable moments of deep empathy regarding how the characters either act bravely or in submission. The pandemic forced me into situations that were unprecedented just like everyone else. I also faced circumstances with limited choices like many dystopian main characters. I watched Station Eleven not to remind myself of the freedoms that were taken away from us since 2020, but rather to remind myself of the compassion and courage I’ve seen in the face of adversity these last two years. While it is a painful reminder of what we still are entrenched in, it provides potential for how we can emerge from this and what types of connections we want to foster individually and collectively.” - Christina


A new apartment rented site unseen during a pandemic turned out pretty well for Christina. This massive living room with large windows showing off a great view of Baltimore is the spot for her screen time. Ruckus, her eight year old dog, loves to watch right alongside. The furniture was all purchased online and fit the need of getting the place filled in a short timespan. On her coffee table are books relating to growing her leadership skills in a social work career. Utilizing that great light to grow some indoor plants help fill in the large open space that is her living room. The room also clearly serves as Ruckus' playroom as his toys are scattered about. Their companionship was evident as they played fetch in between deep concentration watching their show.

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