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Every Mistake I Made

Instagram has become a way of showcasing living our best lives. We tend to put only the most flattering images of ourselves and the finest moments of our days on display for the world (or at least our friends) to see. It makes me wonder how many images don’t make the cut in order to get that one great shot. Even as a professional photographer, I have a ton of scrapped photos that never see the light of day (or glow of a phone). So, I thought I’d share a small portion of the 42 photos I took to get this one...which isn’t even really the photo I wanted to get.

I was at the Cat’s Eye Pub watching my good friends the Wide Eyed Lounge Cats perform. I brought my camera to keep me sharp and give me something to do while listening to the band and hanging out in a bar on my own. It’s often a good way for me to practice my craft in these hard to shoot spaces (poor lighting, no room to move, grabbing images of a constantly moving and grooving group). I also feel a greater connection to the music when I’m engaged with the band through my lens. After an hour or so, I saw something that was there all along and realized it could make for a really cool shot. There’s this fun photo hanging right above the right shoulder of the drummer. I tried to get a shot that would look like the drummer was posed just like the guy in the photo. After many attempts, I gave up trying to get it naturally and instead asked Ben (the drummer) to pose in between songs in a way that would look like I caught the matching pose magically. In the end, I don’t think it really hit what I was aiming for. And along the way...I got some really really bad photos! Check them out, in all their unedited glory, below.

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