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Holi Dance

Holi is a colorful holiday where folks gather to celebrate spring and love. In Baltimore, my friends at Sweet 27 bring the love and colors to the Wyman Park Dell near my house. I've celebrated Holi as a participant, running in the field throwing colors and being covered in them. However, this year, I participated by capturing the event with photos and video. It's so much fun to see kids and adults play and run with a joy that is rarely seen. Music, laughter, and dancing fill the space and reminds me that we are all connected when we let go of our masks and just give in to the sheer pleasure of being ourselves. I knew when I saw the woman featured in this photo that she would provide me a favorite photo. She celebrated with abandonment and became my muse. This photo in particular reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. I was so happy that I got her head to toe with her feet almost levitating off the ground.

Check out the fun video I pieced together from the event.

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