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Inside Out

I don’t always bring a camera with me to a friend’s house warming party, but I do sometimes use the camera as an escape. I’m an extrovert and really do enjoy meeting new people. However, I’ve recently learned that I also have some social anxiety baked in...especially coming out of the Covid pandemic. So, when my good friend invited me over to her new house for a party out in the suburbs, I knew I’d know very few people there. After the initial greetings and small talk, I grabbed my camera and did my thing. It was late afternoon when that golden hour starts to give off its sweet glow. Trying to find the unique in the typical is one of my favorite parts of photography. Often that means thinking outside the box, choosing a different angle, observing a space, determining what might catch the eye of the lens better than the two I’ve got in my head. I thought I was finished taking photos, when I came across a shed that was next to the above ground pool. I hadn't really noticed it except as a backdrop to the activity in the yard. But when I moved my body...I got a treat, the doors to the shed were open and walking in gave me this sweet view through a window out to the kids swimming. I love a lot of things about this picture. I almost always find it nice to have a frame inside the camera frame, so doorways and windows often make it onto my shot list. The stripes of the towels matching the vertical lines of the fence really give some fun symmetry to the image. The look on the child’s face as he waits for his dad to throw the inflatable ball to him gives a feeling of anticipation. And finally, the colors of the towels and the blue water frozen in motion accent the beauty of this lovely afternoon.

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