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Updated: Jul 1

JUMP TO SECTION: 1. Outside the Venue 2. Abbott Elementary 3. KIPP Baltimore


FAVE PHOTO: Outside the Venue

Spring has Sprung. With it comes the warmer weather I crave. I’m a huge fan of being outside when it's above 60 degrees. Grabbing a drink, eating a meal, having friends over...I’m the one suggesting we choose the table outside or offering my porch or deck to chill out on. When it comes to photography, I thrive on getting the backstage/green room photos of the band. I love capturing the spontaneity of the moment. The warm-weather version of this is creating images outside the venue. Like the photo above of Derek (lead singer of Patterson Trash) and Glorian (who opened the show for Patterson Trash at the Metro Gallery). That sweet golden hour light gives me all the feels.

Below are a few recent faves including Bailey of Soundcast, a sax player from Bedlam Brass, a friend jamming out at a St. Paddy’s Day party in my neighbors backyard, and the ever-photogenic musical genius that is Tavair.

JUMP TO SECTION: 1. Outside the Venue   2. Abbott Elementary   3. KIPP Baltimore


VIEWING RECOMMENDATION: Abbott Elementary (on ABC/Hulu)


Intensity: 😮 Comedy: 😂😂😂😂 Drama: 😢

Writing: 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Originality: 🧐🧐🧐🧐 Cinematography: 😍😍😍

Abbott Elementary Is a popular show - so likely I’m not recommending something that you haven’t already heard of. Season 3, released this Spring, has some amazing cameos - especially for a Philadelphia native like myself. That said, you maybe don’t watch it. If you don’t work in the school system, have good friends who do, or are without children this may not be for you. But my many years as a substitute teacher, coach, and friends with countless teachers makes this show (which is so spot on) hard not to love. My roommate Elizabeth and I watch it on a weekly basis.

It’s shot in a similar style as The Office, with a documentary crew following the staff throughout their days with the occasional breaking of the 4th wall. Season 3, episode 4 is by far my favorite. It involves the staff chatting about their adult habits like smoking, drinking, and vaping not realizing one of the students is overhearing their conversation. The fallout from the students learning about their teachers behaviors is the funniest thing I’ve watched in a long time.


JUMP TO SECTION: 1. Outside the Venue   2. Abbott Elementary   3. KIPP Baltimore



From 2008 to 2019, Spring meant coaching the middle school boys lacrosse team at KIPP. I retired from coaching lacrosse after 17 years (including stints at City College and Sussex Tech High Schools). Thankfully, my relationship with KIPP continues through my video production work. With the help of my go-to crew (Matt and Andy), we created this 3-minute fundraising video for the school. They are raising $5 million to start their pre-school (already accomplished), add two libraries, and upgrade the restrooms. It was a quick turn-around to shoot and edit within a month. The staff and students were fantastic to work with. It was exciting to see the school after a few years away. We’re hoping to help create the follow-up video at the end of the campaign.

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