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Tip Toe Through the Tulips

Sherwood Gardens in the Guilford neighborhood of Baltimore City is a stone’s throw from my home, though a million miles from the “beauty” of my blank front yard. Over fifty thousand tulips are planted by volunteers each year in this extremely wealthy neighborhood. I brought friends visiting from Philly to see this spectacular space and took my medium format Mamiya C3 camera along. Of the 12 pics on this roll, my favorite was shockingly not one of the tulips, but this sweet evergreen tree. Something about the jigsaw like view looking up into this tall tree stuck me. Seeing glimpses of the blue sky poking through the branches along with the contrast between the aged brown bark and the bright green needles gives me a nostalgic feeling of the tree I used to climb in middle school to escape my awkward adolescent years.

Check out the other 11 photos on the roll...including Elliot’s first medium format pic (slighly blurry photo of his parents, blame me for a poor tutorial). The photos with me in them were taken by Haley, who is a super talented artist. Check out her first published children’s book: Super Food. Her husband Jason is an amazing 3D motion designer.

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