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Updated: May 26, 2022

My friend Jesse is a talented artist and teacher amongst many other skills...including cigar rolling. After shooting several hundred digital photos, I brought out my medium format 1960s Mamiya C3 film camera to capture some of my favorite angles. This process has become my new approach. I grab a ton of pics using the digital camera where it’s easy to review the work as I go and see what pops. Then with only 12 photos on a roll of 120 film, I patiently line up the frame and hopefully snap some of what become my fave photos. This was one of them. The warm glow of the light in the background, with the “TRUE” tattoo on his fingers in focus in the foreground, and then to cap it off, the smoke rising from the cigar in mouth gives me all the good vibes.

Below are a few other fun snaps from the film camera plus a similar shot of my fave above using the digital camera.

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